Mediumship Readings

Mediumship readings are when Mia connects with the spirit world/plane and opens herself to communicating with loved ones, spirit guides and angels for her client. With Archangel Michael by her side, she psychically protects herself and her client and always works with the intention of speaking with only those who walk in the light. She never underestimates the power of intention.

She receives the information and messages and relays them to the client without giving thought to whether or not they make sense to her, as most of the time, they only make sense to the client (although, not always right at that very moment).

One important thing to note is that while she usually connects with the person the client is wanting to communicate with, sometimes people the client is not expecting comes through. Thus, it is crucial that the client stays open to everyone they know who has passed and trying to communicate.

Psychic/Tarot Card Readings

Mia’s tarot card readings are a download of psychic information regarding her client’s life. Whether they want a general reading (specific questions can be asked during the reading) or have particular questions regarding certain aspects of their life, she puts aside her ego and opens herself to receive the answers psychically, using the four “clairs”, as described above.

She has made incredible predictions and been privy to amazing insight, having clients contact her, sometimes days, sometimes years later, to tell her that her readings were correct.

Raised Catholic, Mia is adamant about keeping her readings non-secular. She does call upon Archangel Michael to protect her and the client during the reading. However, should any religious connotation be referred to during the reading (whether a mediumship or tarot card reading), it is strictly a message being relayed directly from the spirit or received psychically, not derived from her own thoughts or beliefs (ego).

It is also important to note that her readings are not to be a replacement of any type of professional counseling nor can she give any medical advice or diagnosis.