Mia discovered her gifts as a child, although, for years, she felt her gifts were more of a curse…

Her first spirit sighting was around the age of ten, when one of her spirit guides appeared to her in the basement of the house she grew up in. Now, she would find out twenty years later that it was one of her spirit guides, but at the time, she was very scared of this entity and went running upstairs, paranoid it was following her.

This sighting sparked the beginning of countless spontaneous visitations and paranormal experiences. Most have been awe-inspiring, others, not so inspiring and, in fact, so terrifying, it made her try to close herself off to this world into her college years.

Not only did she discover her clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, gifts, she also discovered she is claircognizant. It is extremely rare for someone to possess all four of the “clairs”. These gifts make for an extremely compelling and informative reading – both mediumship and psychic/tarot card readings.

She finally realized that she could use her gifts to help give people guidance and, sometimes, warnings, and help give people the assurance they need to heal after losing a loved one.

Mia now sees her gifts and all her experiences as an amazing blessing and feels honored to share her gifts with the world.


Being clairvoyant, clear seeing, means that she can see spirit and the symbols and/or objects they are showing her to get a message or information to the physical plane. This is helpful when giving a physical description of a loved one and when spirits aren’t able to verbalize what they want to convey. It is also useful during her tarot card readings when she is given visual answers or insights into a particular situation or outcome.


Mia is also clairaudient, clear hearing – she can hear spirit. Yes, she can actually hear them talking to her. Sometimes it is their actual voice, other times, simply a voice that she can hear and understand clearly. Put clairvoyant and clairaudient together and she can see them and hear them as they are talking to her.


She is also clairsentient, clear feeling, and an empath – can receive information physically and emotionally. During her readings, she often physically feels the ailments/symptoms and feelings of the spirit coming through. This is extremely helpful when gathering information on the cause of death and events surrounding their death. It is also wonderful when she feels the love between the deceased and client (or any other feelings between them). Another way of clairsentience coming through is actually feeling the spirit touching her – putting a hand on her shoulder, playing with her hair, feeling their breath, etc.

Clairsentience is one of the most common psychic gifts and comes through as “gut feelings”, whether indicating excitement or warnings. Mia uses clairsentience when giving tarot card readings to assess feelings and outcomes of a particular situation.


Last, but certainly not least, she is claircognizant, clear knowing – when information just pops in her head and she automatically knows it’s correct. For example, sometimes, when gathering the age at the time of death, sometimes a number will just pop in her head.

Claircognizance particularly is used during her tarot card readings to receive answers and information regarding situations and outcomes in question.