All mediums are psychic and of all psychics, only 10% are mediums and of all mediums, only 1% are clairvoyant – that’s Mia!

Have a big decision to make?

Many people have questions about their life path, whether it’s finding or keeping love, making a career choice, or the inevitable topic of money! Mia is here to help.

Mia has been a medium, psychic and intuitive her entire life. She uses her gifts in mediumship readings to relay messages from loved ones who have passed on, spirit guides, and angels. During tarot card readings, she receives information psychically to answer questions, give guidance and offer a different perspective.

Mia hopes you will have all your questions about her and her readings answered. If not, feel free to ask her a question by filling out the form on the Contact page.

Mia is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. Being all four is exceptionally rare and makes her readings extremely compelling and informative. Most people are one or two of these, but very seldom is someone able to receive information in all four ways.